Indonesia is one of the beautiful countries that millions of people accept every year for tourism and enjoying its picturesque attractions. Here is a personal experience that summarizes Indonesia’s journey and what you expect to see in this special country.

Some of the areas I visited in Indonesia

Puncak passageway

The ticket to the east is from the same continent to the city, which is inhabited by a mountain where many people of the same nationality or tourists live in it, starting with the spacious streets with symbolic taxes, and the frequent use of two-wheeled tanks for fast commuting between cars and the system of entry and exit. His way and the other is aware of when to give way and when to pass.

The capital has a lot of environmental and noise pollution, the mountain journey reveals to you on the path of the way from civilization with its towering modern-style buildings and large shopping complexes to the simplicity in the shops on the side of the road and houses that do not match each other size and modernity!

With the early morning hours and the birds singing and the movement of people back and forth, the spirit of life in the city, you find a dreamy child carrying his bag with him riding on the back of the two-wheeled tank clinging to the captain’s shirt or hugging him tightly, avoiding falling, like his father or mother, arriving at his school that starts its day activities. Two shifts, either morning at seven or evening at five.

On the other hand, the other class of people is scaring the need for one of their families to throw their children to the street to sing any of those pieces that solicit the emotion of their listener or reach out to ask for a gift for free, or take a commercial way to sell whatever is available so that the family and their children can make ends meet. And live tomorrow in the same manner and way.

The capital Jakarta

You won’t see much of that nature insight, but you’ll see a lot of factory fumes, mobile cars, two-wheel tanks, big buses, old trains and new buildings under construction. A densely-populated population that you can see as you go around during the day or night, which is really astonishing. This is a paradox, as you’ll notice in a large modern-style building and a simple dormitory at the bottom of the building where a family terrace makes it a place to spread clothes after washing to dry.

Yes, there is an obstacle to language, but signs and gestures work. English is not used much by the general public. Arabic is what is more frequently traded if we compare it to English.

Bali island

From the first moment you hear when you board the plane, you expect that you are going to a European country or to the Australian continent close to that island south of the Indonesian map. Many tourists go through this coastal city, and you will not find many of these faces unless you are sure that you are going to a beautiful city.

From the first sight of seeing the shores of Bali beaches from the window of the plane, before you land on the airport floor you will find that many of your feelings fell in love with this remote island in the map. The design of the airport is simple and beautiful, the religion that draws your attention to its abundance is Hinduism, and it was only evident when they celebrated one of those religious ceremonies held every six months of the year, mostly dominated by the white color in the choice of shirt and dark brown color to cover the rest of the body.

One of the fascinating views that should be on your day list in this city is watching the sunset beyond the sea behind the Great Indian Ocean, Kuta beach is the first thing that impressed us on the first day, a lot of people nearby, this is running and the other with his little dog wandering around the third, with his book read, and the fourth pillows his bag to fill his eyes from the sunset rays falling in the vast extended sea.

One of the most beautiful things you see to tell you that your days here are full of a lot, and this was with the days ahead, water games on the beach and the best water city on the continent and with rowing activities and shopping complexes filled with local and international products.